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Nature has always been the ultimate influence and teacher of my passion for creating. Growing up in places like Seattle, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Eugene and North Idaho presented no shortage of natural beauty and inspiration. Nature, coupled with personal observation and life experience were my main driving influence but it was perhaps my formal education that greatly defined my style and appreciation for art.

I can’t define my influence with any one art time period, but it is rather an amalgamation of the Renaissance, Neo-Classic, Romanticism, and Impressionist eras. I believe art history classes taken at North Idaho College in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, greatly enlightened me as well as other classes such as: Oil and Watercolor Painting, Life Drawing, Three Dimensional Art, Photography, Ceramics and Sculpture. I seem to have a natural gravitation towards ceramics and sculpture and immediately after college and was given an opportunity to train with Sunshine Metals Company as an engraver for their medallions and commemorative coins. My first project was engraving the State Seal of Alaska. I learned various processes with a series of sculptures and molds made of clay, plaster and wax. This was a great experience but due to its part-time status I moved to Seattle where I found a similar opportunity working for International Mint and foundry, which produced commemorative coins for Boeing, UW and other northwest companies. Again I was involved with designing coins but in a more two-dimensional form where we used computer programs to do the actual engraving.

           I attended college again in 1996 at Bellevue Community College in the Media program with an emphasis on Graphic Art. I transferred my fine art skills to a now digital technology. After graduating in 1998 I had jobs related to graphic art such as: sign designer and computer engraver, so I decided to venture into the freelance world. I started off doing projects for friends and acquaintances creating graphics for websites, business cards, posters, brochures and animations. I soon generated more work and found myself venturing into other areas such as Videography and editing.

Please contact me for a project estimate.

Scott Gindraux


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